Man who killed office worker from East Ham with baseball bat sent to psychiatric hospital

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PA Wire/Press Association Images - Credit: PA Wire/Press Association Images

A man who suffered psychotic delusions of grandeur has been sent to a high security psychiatric hospital indefinitely after killing a 28-year-old from East Ham with a baseball bat.

Vaseel Ullah of New Road, Epping Forest appeared today, his 21st birthday, at the Old Bailey via video link.

He pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the basis of diminished responsibility after attacking Adeel Salaam, 28, of Caulfield Road.

The court heard that on August 29, Ullah drove to IQ Financial Accounts in Fencepiece Road, Hainault taking the baseball bat with him from home.

He parked behind the offices where Mr Salaam worked with Ullah’s father and then entered the building holding the bat behind his back.

Ullah repeatedly hit Mr Salaam and, when challenged by a worker, paused before continuing the attack, the court heard.

Ullah’s father pulled him off Mr Salaam and asked him what he had done.

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Mr Salaam died of head injuries two days later.

In a statement read out in court, Mr Salaam’s mother, Zahita, said: “It was a nightmare to watch Adeel die in front of me. He should have been burying his parents not vice versa. If I could swap places with him I would.

“You don’t ever get used to saying that your child has died.”

Mr Salaam had two jobs as well as taking an evening class in bookkeeping and was only one exam away from becoming a certified accountant.

“Our life will never be the same again. All day long he is in my thoughts. The emotional pain is so devastating that I feel it physically,” Mrs Salaam said.

“We feel that something within us has died along with our son. Our loss can never be replaced.”

The court heard that Ullah had a recognised medical condition, schitzo psychosis, and started smoking the potent drug skunk at 16 which had triggered the underlying condition.

He believed at various stages that he was the Angel Gabriel, that Mr Salaam was involved in black magic and that his friends were talking about him behind his back.

Although Ullah was initially sent to a mainstream prison, he was sent to Broadmoor Hospital after his six inmates said he was acting strangely including saying his watch was a bomb.

Judge Brian Barker said: “You are suffering from a mental illness. It was a sad waste of a promising life, and a hard working and generous man.”

Ullah was sent to Broadmoor Hospital, a high security psychiatric hospital, without limit of time.