London Riots: See our CCTV film of attack of East Ham robbery

In its promise to bring every offender in London Riots to book, Scotland Yard has released CCTV footage of an innocent young male who appears to have been attacked and robbed of his mobile phone in St Stephens Road, East Ham, last summer.

Film shows the man grabbed around his neck and thrown onto a parked car as he walks along the road talking on his phone.

There’s a struggle and the shocked victim manages to break free and then throw something to the pavement, believed to be his mobile phone, which the suspect, accompanied by a group of males, picks up and flees with it down a side street.

Police are appealing for the victim to make contact and report the crime and help them to catch the thug responsible.

The suspect is described as an Asian male aged approximately 16 to 20 years, wearing dark clothing.

Detective Constable Stephen Field, said: “This was an unprovoked assault on an innocent young man who appears to be going about his day-to-day activity.”

No one has been arrested.

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Anyone with information is urged to call the officer at Newham CID on (020) 8217 6648 or to remain anonymous they can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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