London Riots: Police thank the Newham community

Riot-hit shops in East Ham, Green Street and Stratford who suffered from looters and vandals still pulled together to provide food and shelter for police officers on their streets, some of whom worked 25-hourplus shifts

And to show his gratitude, Acting Borough Commander Sean Vickers got out in the community and gave special “thank you” notices on behalf of the police.

He said: “My officers and staff were working exceptionally long hours, often without the opportunity to have sufficient rest and access to food and drink.

“It was most appreciated that businesses had the foresight to recognise that feeding such a large amount of staff, which such short notice, would be difficult to facilitate. I wanted to personally thank each and everyone of them for their kindness and community spirit.”

Agi, manager of Stratford Nandos, dropped off bags of chicken and chips in Stratford police station “as we knew the officers were working long hours and we wanted to show our continued support.”

On East Ham High Street, a number of shops and banks were vandalised but Seahorse Fish and Chips gave out free meals to the officers.

Co-owner Suzanne Nuri said: “Many of my friends are in the police, so I am well aware of the long shifts they are doing.”

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Last week, the Recorder reported how hundreds of Green Street business owners helped police push large gangs out of the area.

Jay, Green Street Tesco Manager, who gave the police hot drinks and let them use their canteen space, said: “We wanted to support officers as they continue to support us and the community.

Umar Zaffar, owner of Green Street Kebabbish said: “Police were helpful and we were so happy to see their presence. We wanted to play our part in helping the community by feeding the officers.”

Mr Vickers also paid a special tribute to West Ham United FC who opened the Boleyn ground to allow the officers somewhere to rest, dress, and safely keep their resources.

Ben Illingworth, operations director at West Ham United, said: “We were delighted to assist Newham Police during what was a very busy time for them. We are proud to work so closely with the police – as we do every matchday as well - and have such a strong and positive relationship.”

Mr Vickers had earlier thanked the Newham Recorder for its coverage of the disturbances.