London Riots: Newham Recorder praised by police

Police have praised the Newham Recorder for our coverage of the London riots.

In a letter to editor Colin Grainger, acting Newham borough commander Sean Vickers expressed his deepest thanks and gratitude to all staff at the newspaper.

He wrote that it had been a very difficult time for the Metropolitan Police Service and the large scale disorder would not be forgotten in a hurry.

The letter said: “I believe that keeping the community updated of the ongoing situation, is a paramount part of policing, restoring reassurance in the community. The Newham Recorder delivered accurate and informative messages to the residents of Newham. Without your assistance, it would have been difficult to facilitate.

“I also wish to extend my thanks to all of you that have expressed such outward and public support to my officers. We have received letters and words of encouragement from several members across the community. This has been excellent for morale amongst officers at this challenging time. It has been so very thoroughly appreciated.”

A separate message from another police officer, referring to last week’s paper, said: “Today’s Newham Recorder was absolutely fantastic – there are simply no other words to describe it. Everyone in the station is reading it, talking about it and taking it home for their families to see.”

“The reporting has been accurate and definitely great to read.”

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Editor Colin Grainger said: “We are facing difficult times at present. Letters and messages like this make all our hard work and effort worthwhile.”