London pair jailed for part in O2 mobile phone SIM fraud

Two men from east London were part of a gang who made millions by using people’s phone SIM cards to call up top-price phone lines.

The scam reached around the globe and saw the private details of victims fraudulently obtained in order to make multiple calls to premium rate phone numbers.

Phone giant O2 lost �4.5 million as a result of the activity, known as international revenue share fraud.

Mohammad Butt, 42, and Nikhil Jamsandekar, 33, from Forest Gate, were among five men jailed at Southwark Crown Court today (Wednesday).

They admitted conspiracy to defraud. Butt was sentenced to three years in jail. Jamsandekar received a 27-month term.

Judge Jeffrey Pegden QC said: “This is not a victimless crime, as inevitably such huge losses are passed on in part to honest bill-paying customers.

“This fraud was carried out by an international gang of conspirators. Simply stated, innocent, honest individuals’ personal identities and details were dishonestly acquired along with countless mobile phone handsets and SIM cards which were dishonestly obtained.”