Lamborghini seized in Newham auctioned off by police for £218,000

Lamborghini seized by police in Newham

Lamborghini seized by police in Newham - Credit: Archant

A Lamborghini Aventador seized in Romford Road by police earlier this month has been auctioned off for £218,000.

Officers initially stopped the sports car on October 1 in Newham as it had no front number plate, but further checks revealed the driver was not the registered owner nor was he insured to cover the high-value vehicle.

Having taken the orange car into their possession, detectives investigated the legitimacy of its ownership.

Several people stepped forward to make a claim but none were able to satisfy the investigation team as to their lawful ownership.

Consequently police decided to auction it off .

Detective Inspector Richard Smith from Operation Reclaim said: “Once again the actions of keen frontline officers and tenacious investigators have resulted in depriving someone of a high value asset. A situation easily avoided if the vehicle’s owner has it properly registered, can prove it is legitimately owned and anyone driving it is insured.”

A police spokesman confirmed that if the sale remained unchallenged by anyone claiming to be the vehicle’s owner, it would go ahead and the money would go into frontline policing.