Judge’s praise for Newham parents after son suffered catastrophic brain injury in hospital birth

Multi-million pound settlement for son’s future

The parents of a Newham teenager who suffered a catastrophic brain injury at birth have won the praise of a top judge for the “loving care” they have given him.

Mrs Justice Swift paid tribute to them and said it was clear the family has made “considerable sacrifices” to care for the youngster, as she approved a multi-million pound settlement to provide for his future care at London’s High Court.

The 16-year-old, who the court ordered cannot be identified, sustained severe brain damage during his birth at Newham University Hospital after staff failed to act promptly when complications arose.

As a result he was left with severe cerebral palsy and needs round-the-clock care, which his family has so far provided.

After the High Court judge ruled that, but for the deficiencies in the care the baby and his mother received, he would have been delivered unharmed, Newham University Hospital NHS Trust agreed a settlement with the family.

The payout is made up of a �1.8m lump sum and annual payments, which is index-linked and tax free, to provide care for the rest of his life.

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Matthew Jackson, for the Newham University Hospital NHS Trust, said: “May I say, on behalf of my clients, how deeply sorry they are about these tragic events.”

“Can I just pay tribute to the parents. They really have provided the most amazing standard of care to this child for a very long time, with very little help.”

Echoing his sentiments, and approving the settlement, Mrs Justice Swift added: “It is evident from the papers in this case that this child has received excellent care from his loving family.


“They have made considerable sacrifices to give that care.”

“I hope that the effect of these damages will enable them to get in that care, and therefore to improve their quality of life as well as their son’s quality of life.”