Jordan Douherty murder trial: Newham teenager denies murdering 15-year-old outside community centre

Jordan Douherty. Picture: Met Police

Jordan Douherty. Picture: Met Police - Credit: Met Police

A Newham teenager denies murdering a 15-year-old schoolboy outside a community centre in an attack that was filmed and shared on social media, the Old Bailey has heard.

Jordan Douherty died from two stab wounds to the chest after a 16th birthday party descended into violence on June 23 this year.

Footage of the attack outside the North Romford Community Centre, Clockhouse Lane, was captured on a mobile phone and shared on Snapchat, a jury was told on Tuesday.

The Newham 16-year-old denies murdering Jordan, while a 17-year-old and another 16-year-old deny conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm.

All three defendants cannot be named for legal reasons.

Prosecutor Duncan Atkinson told the court that police officers had been dispatched to disperse crowds at the community centre.

At 9pm, the centre closed after numbers grew too great and a large number of young people spilled onto the street.

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Mr Atkinson told the court: “The evidence shows that a confrontation took place in Clockhouse Lane that resulted in Jordan Douherty being pursued and chased by a large group of young males.

“These events unfolded suddenly, unexpectedly and at considerable speed.

“From this large group, a smaller young group of males then surrounded Jordan at a time when he fell to the ground. The members of that group proceeded to inflict punches and stamps on him.”

Mr Atkinson said CCTV, police body-worn cameras and a witness’s mobile phone all captured footage that implicated the defendants in the attack.

The prosecutor claimed the 17-year-old and 16-year-old were filmed kicking and stamping on Jordan while he lay on the ground.

“The prosecution say, in the case of each of those defendants, that they had joined with others in a joint attack in which, using their shod feet as weapons on a defenceless 15-year-old on the ground, they were seeking to inflict, as an inevitable consequence of that joint action, serious harm on him,” Mr Atkinson said.

The 16-year-old charged with murder was also recorded wielding a knife on CCTV and the Snapchat video, the court was told.

Mr Atkinson explained that Jordan suffered two stab wounds, including one “catastrophic injury” to the heart.

“At that time Jordan posed no threat to anyone, and the use of a knife was wholly without even the beginning of justification,” he added.

The trial continues.