Jimmy Savile abuse claims: Former scout says Savile told him “Nobody would believe you anyway - I’m King Jimmy”

A former Newham man has been revealed as the youngest known alleged victim of Jimmy Savile’s abuse.

Kevin Cook, now 45, was a nine-year-old Cub Scout when he was molested by the BBC star on his Jim’ll Fix It show, he said.

In an exclusive interview this week, he told The Sun that what was a fantastic day for him turned into a life-time nightmare.

Kevin, a welder, told how he and other boys from the 44th Newham North East Cub Scouts won a day at Brands Hatch to race milk floats around the track in 1976.

Later in the BBC studio the group met their Starsky and Hutch heroes - Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul.

“We thought we’d died and gone to heaven” Kevin said.

He presented Savile with a tie his mother had given him and got a hug. Kevin said he was then led to a dressing room on the pretence of receiving an individual Jim’ll Fix It badge because the youngsters had to share the one they received on the programme.

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Kevin told The Sun that Savile asked if he was “ready to earn his badge”. It was then the abuse took place which left him too terrified to protest, he said.

Afterwards Kevin said the star warned him: “Don’t you dare tell anyone. Don’t even tell your mates. We know where you live.” Kevin said Savile added: “Nobody would believe you anyway - I’m King Jimmy.”

It was a secret he would keep for almost four decades, along with the guilt and embarrassment, until allegations about Savile became public this month.

He told his wife what had happened all those years ago and she rang Essex Police and persuaded Kevin to be interviewed.

Kevin told the Sun, who made a contribution to the NSPCC for the interview: “All I feel is hatred for that man. I wish he was still alive to face up to what he’s done.”