Jail looms for Forest Gate woman who dragged boy in path of train

A woman who tried to murder a five-year-old boy by dragging him into the path of a train is facing a lengthy jail term.

Radhika Sharma, 35, of Davidson Terrace, Forest Gate, jumped in front of a train as horrified commuters looked on at Stratford Station.

The driver hit the brakes but was powerless to stop as the woman and child disappeared from view, Snaresbrook Crown Court heard.

Both incredibly escaped uninjured after they fell into a gap between the tracks as the engine passed over them on June 10 last year.

The emergency services were called to the scene where Sharma allegedly explained to a paramedic that she had only been trying to kill herself.

She had been spoken to by police earlier that day for grabbing the boy and swinging him in front of an oncoming train at Forest Gate Station. It was forced to brake to avoid the child.


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Sharma said he had been playing on railings when he almost fell and she had to reach out and catch him. She later boarded a train to Stratford with the boy.

Sharma was later found to be suffering from severe depression.

Giving evidence, train driver Richard Roscoe said he was only travelling at 10 to 15mph as he pulled into Stratford.

He said: “She walked straight up to the yellow line, looking straight ahead, then just stepped out.

“She went down into the tracks – I did think I’d hit her. I didn’t feel any bump or hear any noise.

“I put the train straight into emergency mode so the brakes locked.

“The first I knew about the boy was when the paramedics said he was still alive.”

A jury convicted Sharma of attempted murder and child cruelty.

Judge David Radford remanded her in custody until May 18 while pre-sentence reports are prepared.