Injured Newham cyclist set to receive multi-million pound pay off

A Newham cyclist catastrophically injured when struck by a car is in line for multi-million-pound compensation after a High Court hearing last Wednesday.

Minibus driver, Clifford Henry, 51, was riding his bike across the eastbound carriageway of East India Dock Road when the car hit his rear wheel on August 26 2007.

He was left paralysed from the chest down, lost the sight in his left eye and suffered brain damage which means he is legally viewed as incapable of managing his own affairs.

Mr Henry’s lawyers sued the car driver’s insurers, who - after intensive negotiations - agreed to compensate him on the basis of 40 per cent liability.

Although that means the amount of his payout - which has yet to be finally assessed - will be cut by 60 per cent, his lawyers confirmed outside court that his future care needs are such that he is still in line for a compensation package worth millions.

His solicitor, Rebecca Cherry, said the hearing represented a milestone in his long-running battle for justice.

She said it was hoped insurers would now make an interim payment so he can move forward with his life and obtain the help and equipment he needs.

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She said: “Mr Henry’s lawyers will now work to ensure that a final award of compensation is made to Mr Henry as soon as possible to restore some quality of life to him and enable him to plan for his future as far as possible.”

Giving the green light to the 40 per cent settlement, Mr Justice Roderick Evans said: “I am quite satisfied that this is in the claimant’s best interests and I have no hesitation in approving it.”