Illegal immigrant in East Ham dies after refusing to seek medical help because he feared deportation


- Credit: Archant

An illegal immigrant living in East Ham died in his bedroom of an unknown illness after he refused to seek medical help because he feared deportation.

On Wednesday, an inquest at Walthamstow Coroner’s Court, heard that Dalton Messam, 44, was found dead at his home, in Stevenage Road,on 22 December 2013 by his landlord.

Mr Messam, who worked as a painter and went by eight different identities, including Kevin Griffiths, was severely underweight.

It is believed he died about two weeks before his decomposing body was discovered.

When he was eventually found, he was surrounded by two empty Foster cans, Mars bar wrappers, and a bottle of night nurse.

The inquest heard that Mr Messam, who had been living in England illegally, had not registered with a GP because he feared he may be deported.

However, he became ill in the weeks leading up to his death and was also taken to Newham University Hospital’s Accident and Emergency department by a relative.

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But Mr Messam refused to leave the car when he arrived at the hospital.

Assistant Coroner, Doctor Shirley Radcliffe, recorded a verdict of natural causes but concluded the illness he suffered from remains unascertained due to “advanced decomposition” of his body.

She said: “He had been unwell for sometime but refused to visit a doctor because of fear of deportation.

“Police deemed the death to be unsuspicious and my conclusion is natural causes.”