Huge haul of illegal goods at Upton Park market

A crackdown on crime at Queens Market, Upton Park, resulted in a massive haul of illegal goods, including alcohol and tobacco.

The multi-agency swoop last month also saw 500 dodgy cosmetic items, illegal chewing tobacco and unlicensed soaps, toothpaste and Henna items seized.

About 200 cans and 550 bottles of booze were seized from traders suspected of selling alcohol without a licence and to under-age drinkers while unattended chemicals and machinery were also taken away.

Six people were nabbed for suspected immigration offences.

The co-ordinated raids launched by Newham Council’s enforcement officers, Met Police and the United Kingdom Border Agency even saw a noise abatement notice served on a trader for blaring music.

Cllr Unmesh Desai, executive member for crime and anti-social behaviour, described the culprits as “a few rotten apples” but said the raids should act as “a big wake-up call” for traders.

He said: “This hugely successful raid sends a clear signal that Newham means business when it comes to tackling crime and anti-social behaviour.”