‘How to reduce risk of burglary’ by Newham police

Newham police is committed to reducing burglary through effective crime prevention and by bringing to justice those responsible.

Levels of burglary have been driven down in recent years and our aim is to build on this success.

In the autumn and winter months, levels of burglary tend to be higher than during the summer months.

This could be because earlier nightfall means it is more obvious to burglars that no one is at home and that is when they tend to operate.

Many of the suggestions are simple and quick; for example, give your home a lived-in look by installing timer switches to lamps and always remember to lock PVCu doors by turning the key as well as lifting the handle!

Your front door is the primary route of entry and exit into a house. You can improve home security by making simple adjustments to your front door.

The back garden is the most vulnerable part of a house and requires careful attention to security. The back door offers vital protection for a house and can deter burglars from committing a burglary.

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Close all your windows when you go out and make sure tools are secured in sheds and garages to avoid them being used by burglars to gain entry to homes.

Use strong locks on sheds and garages to protect your garden equipment, bikes and other valuables.

Help us keep your home and property secure by following our burglary prevention advice.