Heathrow protestor who admitted blocking M4 motorway says living next to London City Airport was an influence

Isabelle Anderson is chased by a policewoman after walking onto the M4. Picture: Rachel Venables, LB

Isabelle Anderson is chased by a policewoman after walking onto the M4. Picture: Rachel Venables, LBC - Credit: Rachael Venables, LBC

A mother who blocked a motorway as part of a Heathrow expansion protest says growing up next to London City Airport had influenced her decision.

Isabelle Anderson. Picture: James Garford

Isabelle Anderson. Picture: James Garford - Credit: James Garford

Isabelle Anderson, 31, formerly of East Village, Stratford, pleaded guilty to willful obstruction of the M4 spur road at Uxbridge Court on Monday, February 6 after initially denying the charge.

The Green Party member, who now lives in North Yorkshire, was part of a 15-strong group aged 21 to 67 charged with wilful obstruction of the highway on November 19.

The activists – some of whom who ran onto the M4 and A4 roads to stop traffic – were protesting the building of a third runway at Heathrow Airport over fears it could fuel air pollution and contribute towards climate change and social inequality.

Anderson, who was videoed walking in front of stationary traffic onto the M4 spur road, received an 18-month conditional discharge and was ordered to pay court costs of £85, plus a victim surcharge of £20 at her sentencing.

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Growing up in Silvertown and living next to London City Airport had “most definitely” contributed towards her decision to step onto the motorway, Anderson told the Recorder.

“I know what it is like to live with that noise and poor air quality,” she said.

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“My son went to a nursery at the UEL (University of East London) Docklands Campus.

“In the garden you can really smell the jet fumes and it is incredibly noisy so I feel very strongly with the people of west London who already live with that – and it is going to get stronger.”

Anderson, who stood in a 2015 Stratford and New Town ward by-election for the Green Party, added: “I may be ‘guilty’ in the eyes of the law but I believe it was right to take peaceful direct action.

“As a mother, I cannot stand by and watch while younger generations are consigned to an uncertain future.”

Margaret Charnley, of Bristol, and Sophia Lysaczanko, of Haringey, also received a 12 month conditional discharge on February 6.

Both were ordered to pay £300 costs and a £20 victim surcharge.

In December, 12 people pleaded obstruction of the highway at Ealing magistrates court.

Each received a conditional discharge for 12 months and were told to pay £105 costs and a £20 victim surcharge.

They were Simon Bramwell, 44, of Stroud, Ian Bray, 49, of Kirklees, Graham Lewis, 53, of Wells, Somerset, Thomas Harford, 26, of Bristol, Sibi Moore, 21, of Sidmouth, Madeleine Allis-Petersen, 24, of Ealing, Antoine Thalmann, 25, of Oxford, Henry Owen, 24, of Oxford, Joanne Louise Bodimeade, 28, of Lambeth, Alexis Delage, 25, of Lewisham, Tom Venner-Woodcock, 29, of Southwark and Tess Lotter, 30, of Camden.

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