Have-a-go-hero detains iPhone thief in East Ham

A have-a-go-hero chased after and held on to a man who tried to steal his mobile phone until police arrived.

The 28-year-old man was talking to a friend on his Apple iPhone while waiting for a bus near East Ham police station at 7.35pm on January 29.

He finished the call and was about to return the phone to his pocket when a thief snatched it out of his hand and ran away.

The victim gave chase but an accomplice of the thief attempted to block him.

The young man managed to detain the suspect in Nelson Street.

The thief threw the phone to his friend who ran off with it down Waterloo Road but the victim held on to the man until police arrived, despite suffering several blows to the face and body.

PC Andy Whitfield, crime prevention design advisor, admired the victim’s efforts but does not recommend others copy his actions.

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He said: “He was a very brave man standing up to these individuals but I recommend that you don’t ‘have a go’ at being a hero.

“Everything is replaceable except you. Whilst your pride has probably taken a dent, it’s not worth risking serious injury or worse.

“I would recommend that in future think about your surroundings before advertising any high value electrical gadgets that you may have on your person.

“It only takes one person to decide they want your property be wise keep it discreet.”