Sentenced: Forest Gate brothers who bought £6,000 worth of goods online with stolen credit cards

Abdulrazaq Ali Mohamed (left) and Abukar Ali Gazali. Picture: DCPCU

Abdulrazaq Ali Mohamed (left) and Abukar Ali Gazali. Picture: DCPCU - Credit: DCPCU

Two brothers from Forest Gate who went on an online shopping spree using stolen bank account details have been sentenced to 280 hours of community service.

Abukar Ali Gazali, 24, and Abdulrazaq Ali Mohamed, 21, both of Norwich Road, made a series of fraudulent online purchases worth a total of £6,000 between November 2015 and February 2016.

On Thursday the pair were found guilty of fraud by false representation and using a computer to secure unauthorised access to data at Inner London Crown Court.

They were placed under curfew for four months between 8pm and 6pm and must pay each pay £500 costs towards court fees.

Two other men involved in the case pleaded guilty earlier on in the proceedings.

Jaabir Mohamud, 19, was sentenced in June to a 12-month conditional discharge and Yasir Sheik, 25, received 200 hours of community service in March.

Investigators at Barclaycard spotted the fraud, referring the case to the police’s Dedicated Card and Payment Crime Unit (DCPCU).