Forest Gate bank worker jailed for stealing from clients

A Lloyds Bank worker who helped fraudsters to try and steal more than �200,000 from customers has been jailed for 12 months.

Pranav Patel, 28, passed on the details of 37 accounts in a bid to pay off his �42,000 debt.

But when he was arrested in July 2010 he claimed that he had only been given �1,100 and a �2,000 Rolex watch.

Patel, who worked on the front desk of Lloyds flagship branch in Threadneedle Street in the City of London, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to steal and fraud at the Old Bailey.

Judge Richard Hone QC said: “These offences were committed over a significant period of time and involved the theft of a substantial amount of money.

“The breach of trust was extensive.

“You conspired together with at least two others to make quick money out of the trusted position and you accept that between April and July you dishonestly used your skill and expertise in banking account details to assist those who were stealing very considerable sums of money.

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“You jeopardised your good character, your employment and good name for very small gains.”

Patel started work for Lloyds as a customer services assistant in 2006 before being promoted to his post on the front desk at Threadneedle Street.

Between December 2009 and July 2010 he handed over customer account details which were successfully used to withdraw �66,000.

Fortunately the bank was able to prevent another �145,500 from being taken out.

Patel, of Boleyn Road, Forest Gate, nodded at the judge as he was led down to the cells.