Eastender stabbed in pub

An EastEnders extra was stabbed to death in a revenge attack in a pub, a court heard.

Actor Kevin Eurie, 26, collapsed on the dance floor of the Greengate pub in Plaistow, east London, after Brian Atkinson plunged a knife into his chest.

Atkinson, 25, had got his own girlfriend pregnant and was attacked by members of her family, said prosecutor Simon Denison.

The victim had been involved in the incident and would pay with his life, jurors heard.

On October 16 last year both men went to the party at the pub, and witnesses noticed there was immediate tension between them, the Old Bailey was told.

At one point a drunken male guest caused a disturbance when he used the women’s toilets and Atkinson seized his chance, it is claimed.

“It may be the commotion provided the defendant with the opportunity to take his revenge,” said Mr Denison.

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One witnesses saw Atkinson walk towards the victim and pull something from his waist band.

“At first she could not see what it was. He grabbed Kevin from behind and hit him three or four times to the head, dragging him to the ground,” Mr Denison said.

“He then plunged this object he held into the right side of Kevin’s chest.

“When he pulled it out she could see it was a knife.

“People quickly pushed the defendant away but she saw him walking around with the knife in his hand and he came back towards where Kevin was, as if he wanted to do him more harm.”

The court heard CCTV cameras also caught the flash of a blade in Atkinson’s hand.

Mr Eurie, who lived in East Ham, was pronounced dead in hospital two hours later from a single stab wound.

He had taken various small parts in TV dramas and had appeared in the soap several times.

Atkinson, of Medcalf Road, Enfield, denies murder.

The trial continues.