East Ham tailor fined over waste offence

A TAILOR’S shop which did not present waste transfer documents to Newham Council enforcement officers has been cut down to size.

Flaky’s, of Barking Road, East Ham, was slapped with a �1000 fine and ordered to pay �400 costs at a Stratford Magistrates’ Court hearing .

All businesses by law must complete full notes showing how and when they transfer waste either to the council or to a licensed waste contractor for disposal.

The successful prosecution follows a huge crackdown by the council to reduce the amount of rubbish and litter being dumped in Newham.

Over the last year, Newham’s Street Scene Enforcement Officers have been visiting all businesses to ensure their waste is disposed of properly.

Newham Mayor Sir Robin Wales said: “Dumping waste illegally is a reckless breach of the law that makes an eyesore of our streets and we will not stand for it. This prosecution sends out a clear signal to all businesses that we will not tolerate those who break the law and show appalling disregard for our residents and their neighbourhoods.

“Most of our businesses are law-abiding. Some, however, are not and those are the ones in our sights.”