East Ham MP Stephen Timms welcomes voluntary ban on selling acid to under 18s

East Ham MP Stephen Timms calls for tougher legislation

East Ham MP Stephen Timms calls for tougher legislation - Credit: Archant

Stephen Timms has welcomed a voluntary ban on sales of acids and other corrosive substances to under 18s - but believes more needs to be done.

Retailers including Wickes, B&Q, Screwfix and Tesco have signed a list of commitments which include checking the age of buyers both in store and online.

Certain products will not be sold to those underage under the ban, which is not legally binding.

The East Ham MP said: “I think what’s happened is some people who’re intent on committing crimes have worked out that it’s less risky for them to do it with the help of an acid bottle that they’re carrying than if they were carrying a knife or a gun because there are much clearer and stronger laws in place against carrying knives or guns than there are against carrying acid.”

The voluntary ban comes ahead of proposed legislation on preventing minors from purchasing products which contain potentially harmful levels of acid.