East Ham man jailed for knife-wielding house raid

A burglar who threatened his victims with a large knife was jailed for eight and a half years at Inner London Crown Court.

Abdihakim Jama, 35, of Vicarage Lane, East Ham was found guilty on July 15 2011 of aggravated burglary, failing to attend a drugs meeting and testing positive for a Class A drug at Inner London Crown Court and sentenced to prison.

The court heard how on January 10 2011 Jama, a repeat burglary offender, committed a burglary at an address in Market Street, East Ham and threatened the residents with a large knife. Jama fled the scene chased by police and was finally arrested and charged with the offence.

Det Sgt David Pearce said: “This man’s conviction was secured not only by the dedication of the investigating officer but with out the courage, dedication and key support from the victims and their family.

“This sentence demonstrates how seriously the criminal justice system takes burglary crime and I am very satisfied with the outcome.”