Domestic violence up as other crimes in Newham fall

The number of domestic violence cases reported to Newham police has soared to more than 4,000 incidents in the past year.

Domestic violence with injury cases are up 40 per cent compared to last year, to just over 1,000 incidents, while 3,000 domestic abuse without injury cases have been reported, a rise of 30 pc.

Superintendent Ian Larnder admitted that domestic violence is a “difficult” crime for officers to deal with although they remain determined to drive it down and punish those responsible.

“We have done, and continue to do, lots of work within the community and with third parties to show that domestic violences is a crime, it is an offence, and nobody should be allowed to commit it,” he said.

“It affects every community. Victims should not be afraid to come forward and tell us.” Supt Larnder suggested that the rise is partly attributable to greater confidence in the police although he believes the true scale of the issue is even higher, especially as evidence shows that victims often wait until the 35th or 36th occurence before reporting it.

Just over a third of domestic abusers (35 pc) were sanctioned with a charge or conviction in the past year, with 44 pc sanctioned for domestic violence with injury.

The rise in domestic violence comes amid an overall reduction of crime in the borough.

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Anti-social behaviour, robbery and burglary have dropped by 25 pc, 23 pc and 10pc respectively.

Robbery of mobile phones fell by 40 pc, with 500 less victims of the crime.

*If you feel you are in immediate danger from domestic violence you should dial 999.

Free and confidential support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week from the Newham One Stop Shop on 0845 451 2547.

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