Custom House youth on trial after stabbed teenager left wheelchair-bound

A teenage boy was stabbed in the heart after a clash between rival gangs at a 16th birthday party, a court heard last week.

Daniel Alaile, 16, was set upon as he made his way home with friends from the celebrations in Beckton.

His attacker, from the Custom House area, at first pretended to be friendly and suggested they have a talk, jurors were told.

But he then pulled out a knife and stabbed Mr Alaile in the chest.

Prosecutor Alex Lewis QC told the Old Bailey: “The Crown suggests the attack on Daniel Alaile was premeditated and cowardly.”

The emergency services were called after Mr Alaile collapsed in the doorway of a house.

Doctors performed open heart surgery and discovered two stab wounds.

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Although the damage was repaired, he developed a clotting disorder and spent weeks in intensive care.

He needed a series of follow-up operations and is now confined to a wheelchair.

The court heard Daniel had gone to a girl’s 16th birthday party in Neatscourt Road, Beckton, on January 9 last year.

“At some point a group of boys turned up, at least some of them came from the Custom House area of Newham,” said Miss Lewis.

“Some time later Daniel Alaile and his friends left the party to go home. One of his friends was confronted by the Custom House boys.

“The defendant then walked over to Daniel Alaile and put his arm round him and suggested they have a talk. They walked off and the defendant suddenly produced a knife and stabbed Daniel Alaile once to the chest.”

Mr Alaile was found stabbed in Osprey Close, Beckton, at around 9pm.

The teenage suspect, now aged 17 from Custom House, denies attempted murder and possession of an offensive weapon.

The trial continues.