Crime map shows where crooks strike

AN online guide giving details of where crooks strike has gone live this week.

The Home Office site gives the most detailed picture to date of criminal activity revealing as it does month-on figures on a street-by-street basis.

Type in a postcode during a visit to and follow the stream and details will follow covering fields such as burglary, anti-social behaviour and violence.

Across Newham in December crime incidents totalled 2,332, down 820 on the previous month. By ward basis, the highest number of crimes was recorded in East Ham Central - 182 while the lowest was around East Ham North and Royal Docks at 70. All but one of the boroughs wards showed the traditional fall off in crime. The exception was Green Street East where the total rose fractionally to 95. Newham’s overall figures are around average with other London boroughs.

But while residents would welcome the interactive aid, not everyone is happy with the greater access to figures.

Chartered surveyors say the revelations will lead to a falling of house prices while the Police Federation argue that criminals too can view them and avoid the worst streets knowing that policing would be higher.