Crime map shows where crooks strike

THE ten most crime-ridden streets in Newham have been revealed on a new crime mapping website.

The site allows people to find detailed information on officially recorded offences in their area.

It crashed almost immediately after going live under the weight of five million requests every hour.

The first batch of data shows exactly how many incidents were recorded across the UK in December last year.

In Newham, West Ham Lane in Stratford is the road with the highest number of crimes recorded against it. A total of 51 offences – including three robberies, five vehicle crime, 13 other crimes and 30 counts of anti-social behaviour – are said to have occurred “on or near” the street.

Other hot spots included Park Road in Upton Park, Myrtle Road in East Ham and Ham Park Road, West Ham.

A total of 64 crimes – including three robberies, two burglaries and 12 violent crimes – were also recorded as taking place “on or near” the three service roads leading into the Stratford Centre.

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Borough Commander Simon Letchford welcomed the introduction of the new website, but said there are issues with the way offences are plotted against individual streets.

He explained: “Areas of high crime, such as shopping centres, have their crime associated and plotted to nearby residential streets, making it look as though those streets have serious crime problems.”

He advised residents to talk to local Safer Neighbourhoods teams if they have concerns about local issues.