Crime drop as Newham Police target key crimes

Police in Islington are under investigation following a fatal crash

Police in Islington are under investigation following a fatal crash - Credit: KNP

Reports of anti-social behaviour have dropped by more than 4,000 cases year-on-year, as Newham Police vowed to do even more to address crimes facing the borough.

Key neighbourhood crimes including burglary, vandalism, violence with injury and theft of motor vehicles have fallen by 955 offences in the past year.

The reductions come as a dispersal zone set up in Stratford during the summer is thought to have led to a significant drop in street robberies in West Ham Lane.

Extra officers were drafted in to address the issue – leading to a 43 per cent reduction in crimes between June and September.

Meanwhile, officer numbers have been made more flexible to meet needs, and shift patterns have been changed to ensure that there are more officers at the times and places when they are needed the most, particularly at weekends and late at night.

The number of neighbourhood officers in Newham has been more than doubled in the past three years, from 59 to 152 posts, while a safer neighbourhood ward has been established to oversee the setting of local policing and crime priorities.

Borough commander Tony Nash said: “Since arriving in April I have seen the positive impact of the new policing model and progress of the partnership and local people in reducing crime and anti-social behaviour.

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“We need to do more to tell residents, businesses and visitors about our success whilst accepting there is much, much more we must do to make Newham the safest borough to live in, work in and visit.”