Crash victim from East Ham set for multi-millions in compensation

A passenger left catastrophically disabled by a road crash which killed three people is in line for a multi-million pound compensation payout from insurers after a High Court ruling.

Arthur Mabiriizi, 21, was left in a “minimally conscious” state after he was the passenger in a car which crashed into a double-decker bus in High Street South, East Ham, in 2007.

A High Court judge has approved a settlement which puts Mr Mabiriizi, of Blaney Crescent, East Ham, on course to gain up to �5m to compensate him for his pain and suffering and cover the enormous cost of his care.

The court heard how the driver and two other passengers died when a VW Golf collided with a number 474 bus.

on the bend near the junction with Charlemont Road in August 2007.

Mr Mabiriizi, of Blaney Crescent, Newham, was left in a coma after the accident and spent more than a year in various hospitals before he was discharged home in a minimally conscious state.

He is now wheelchair-bound and his 24-hour care needs are met by his mother, Miriam Magambo, and a team of carers.

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Although he has shown some progress, smiling at jokes and TV and grimacing to show discomfort, doctors say his condition is unlikely to improve further.

Through his mother Mr Mabiriizi, who was studying for a BTEC in information technology at the time of the tragedy, is seeking multi-million pound damages from HSBC Insurance (UK) Ltd, the insurers of the driver of the car he was travelling in.

Mr Justice Royce today approved an agreement between the insurers and Mr Mabiriizi’s legal team which will see the company pay 82.5 per cent of his full claim, after it emerged he was not wearing a seatbelt when the accident happened.

Lawyers for the two sides will now attempt to reach an agreement over the exact amount of damages he will receive, but lawyers say the figure could be up to �5m.

The payout, once finalised, will help pay for a home more suited to Mr Mabiriizi’s needs, as well as a round-the-clock care regime for the rest of his life.