CCTV appeal after family attacked on train at Manor Park

A family fell victim to a “sudden and violent” attack by a trio of men who got off at Manor Park station.

The group, including a mother, aged 64, a father, 65, two brothers, 31, 38, and a friend were assaulted on the way back from a birthday party.

The incident took place on the 10.50pm Liverpool Street to Shenfield service on August 18.

The assailants boarded the train at Liverpool Street and started to abuse one of the sons. His brother then stood up to defend him but was suddenly attacked by one of the men.

British Transport Police Det Con Jon Howlett, added: “The other two men then joined in the attack, before the mum and dad stepped in but were also assaulted, along with the family friend.

“During the order, one of the brothers’ hands was hit, causing a fracture.”

The victims were forced to attend hospital suffering from shock, cuts and severe bruising.

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It is believed the trio may have links to Romford.

Det Con Howlett added: “This was a sudden and violent attack which not only ruined a family’s celebration, but also left them hospitalised.”

Anyone with information should contact the BTP on 0800 40 50 40 quoting ref no B9/LNA of 06/09/2012 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.