Car thieves strike in Forest Gate

A woman driver discovered thieves had targetted her red Vauxhall Astra which she had parked in Dorset Road, Forest Gate

Left overnight on August 3 at 9pm, the next morning the 29-year-old found her front window had been smashed and that the car bonnet had been opened and the car battery had been stolen.

Crime Prevention Design Advisor PC Andy Whitfield said: Always make sure that your car is totally locked - this includes all doors and windows, and the sun roof. This applies where ever you are parked; on your driveway, in your garage, or if you leave your car for just a few seconds.

I would recommend that you have an alarm installed on your vehicle they are a good deterrent. Ask your insurance company for advice on installing security devices -your insurance company may offer you a discount on certain approved security products.

All security devices should be fitted by a professional - your car dealer or an installer approved by the Vehicle Systems Installation Board.