Canning Town man found guilty of stabbing Champion Ganda, 17, to death in Forest Gate

17-year-old Champion Ganda.

17-year-old Champion Ganda. - Credit: Archant

A man has been convicted of killing a 17-year-old in a fight involving belts, a hammer and at least one knife within metres of Sandringham Primary School in Forest Gate.

Amani Lynch, 20, of Vanguard Close, Canning Town, was found guilty of the manslaughter Champion Gand

Amani Lynch, 20, of Vanguard Close, Canning Town, was found guilty of the manslaughter Champion Ganda at the Old Bailey. Picture: Metropolitan Police - Credit: Archant

Amani Lynch, 20, of Canning Town, was cleared of the murder of Champion Ganda but found guilty of manslaughter by a majority, and convicted of wounding another boy with intent.

Jurors at the Old Bailey heard how Lynch had taken a cab from Canning Town to Forest Gate where his friend Marvin Simos was due to sign on for police bail.

The court heard claims Champion and his friend were targeted while walking in the street in an attack “intent on violence”.

Simon Denison QC said: “Champion Ganda was brought to the ground, he was kicked in the head and body and he was stabbed 11 times in the head, chest, arms and legs. He died in the street where he fell.”

Witnesses inside the school gates described Champion being stabbed on the ground by someone who looked like Lynch.

The fatal blow was to his right lung, which collapsed, jurors were told.

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His 16-year-old friend, who refused to co-operate with police, was stabbed in the buttock and chest but survived the attack.

At the time of the attack on the afternoon of May 9, Lynch and Simos, who was also in the dock, were aged just 16 and 17 years old, the court heard.

Jurors deliberated for eight days to return verdicts, and in an unusual move, Judge Wendy Joseph QC reminded them to be true to their oaths and to try the case on the evidence.

Simos, of Woolwich, and a third man 21-year-old Devante Clifford, 21, of Canning Town, were cleared of all charges.

Lynch was remanded in custody to be sentenced on March 24.