Beckton gang unleashed murder and mayhem - claim

A GANG of armed youths beat and stabbed a defenceless man to death when tensions between two rival groups erupted into violence at a party, the Old Bailey heard.

The mob armed themselves with knives, an axe, garden shears, sticks, branches and a bike frame before turning on David Cauchi-Lechmere, 20, it was said.

David found himself stranded, alone outside a house in Beckton, and was stabbed four times in the chest.

He underwent emergency surgery in the street but died from his wounds in hospital, just hours after the attack on July 11 last year.

Nine men are on trial accused of murder, though prosecutor Jonathan Laidlaw said last week it was “impossible with any degree of precision to identify in whose hand the knife was”.

The gang wanted revenge, having suffered the “indignity” of being chased away from the party by David and his friends, it was said.

Junior Emmanuel, 18, Nathan Jones, Iyoula Yfeko, Lewis Wilson and Tobi Egunjobi, all 19, Matthew Ginesi, Losimba Yfeko, Jerome Taylor and Francis Meshach, 20, were all said to be part of a “Beckton group”, while the victim and his friends were from Bow.

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Both groups were at a birthday party in Henry Adlington Close, Beckton, on July 11.

At 2.40am the birthday girl called police fearing trouble could start between the rival groups of young men.

Though officers arrived, there was not enough of them to end the party or clear the area and so they left.

Instead, minicabs were called to take the group of friends from Bow home and it was at this point that the “simmering tensions between the groups” spilled over into violence.

David’s friends and a cab driver came under attack from the Beckton group who kicked the car, stole the keys and broke them in half, and assaulted the driver, the court heard.

David and his friends chased the Beckton boys away, said Mr Laidlaw.

But they returned with reinforcements and were armed with sticks, branches, a piece of a frame from a bike, a hammer or mallet, an axe and a pair of shears, it was alleged.

A number of this group also had knives available to them, the court heard. The Bow group were outnumbered and “in no position to take on the advancing armed group”, it was said.

They desperately tried to get back into the house where the party had been held.

Most got inside but David found himself almost alone, the court heard.

Mr Laidlaw said: “As that section of the attack focused upon him others among their number tried to smash their way into the house.

“One of the girls from the Bow group also found herself still outside on the street and was dragged away.

“David Cauchi attempted to fight his way free but he was heavily outnumbered and quickly overcome and then when defenceless he was stabbed four times in the chest.

“Whether it was with one knife or more than one person stabbed him is not possible to say.

“As the victim, now fatally injured went to ground, the Beckton group beat a hasty retreat – revenge was theirs.”

David, known as Raver to his friends, was resuscitated by medics at the scene and taken to The Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, but he died later that day.

The Yfeko brothers, both of Derifall Close; Wilson, of Oxleas; Ginesi, of Oxleas; Taylor, of Oxleas; and Egunjobi, of Tunnan Leys; Jones, of Downings; and Francis, of Winsor Terrace, all Beckton; and Emmanuel, of Covelees Wall, East Ham deny murder.

It is alleged they were part of a “joint enterprise” to attack David and his friends.

All the defendants, with the exception of Jones, deny violent disorder. The trial continues.