‘This must stop’: Families demand action to stop motorcyclists scrambling through Beckton District Park

People are put off visiting Beckton District Park because of motorcyclists scrambling along its path

People are put off visiting Beckton District Park because of motorcyclists scrambling along its paths. Picture: Submitted - Credit: Archant

Neighbours are demanding action to stop motorcyclists turning a park into a no go area.

Families want something done to prevent the culprits scrambling through Beckton District Park saying they have put up with it for years.

Natalia Wierzbicka said: “This park is a perfect place for family outings, but [people] are not doing this.

“They are scared to let their children run around. The noise is unbearable.”

She added that revving engines can be heard until 9pm, or later in summer, disturbing her children’s sleep.

“Sometimes my little one doesn’t want to go into the park because he’s scared. It’s a tough time to do anything, but something needs to be done,” Natalia said.

A petition calling for warning signs and fencing has gained more than 300 signatures so far.

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Anna Zielinska recalled walking in the park with her three-year-old daughter when four teenagers raced past.

“It’s very frustrating that we can’t just go for a walk without being disturbed all the time,” Anna said.

Mum-of-two Joanna Bartosiewicz said: “It is happening every day. My elder daughter is very afraid because they are very loud. Motorbikes ride on public paths which is dangerous.”

Ilona Sabera said her son, aged three, was almost knocked over by one motorcyclist. “This must stop,” she said.

And Jessica Devoy said her one-year-old daughter is frightened of the bikes.

A spokeswoman at Newham Council said an ongoing operation to catch the riders was constrained by a lack of “off-road” police vehicles to pursue them.

Newham has considered fencing and gates, but says barriers would restrict or block access to cyclists, people in wheelchairs and those with buggies.

An investigation to track the moped to addresses is not “straightforward” either because the bikes are often stolen.

“This is a difficult issue to address and the most appropriate policing resources are hard to get hold of at a time of competing priorities, but the council and the police will continue to pursue inquiries,” the spokeswoman said.

A Met spokeswoman said: “Officers are aware of reports that a number of individuals are riding motorbikes through Beckton District Park.

“Work is ongoing to try and identify those involved and regular patrols are in place. Anyone with information should call 101 with reference 3993/07MAY.”