Banned driver taunts police after high speed chase

She drove along Newham streets reaching 60mph while fish-tailing and swerving then told police they were too slow

A BANNED driver took police on a high speed chase through Newham and then told them “You lot are too slow’” a court heard

Nakisha Mathurine, 25, from High Street, Plaistow, jumped three red lights and sent sparks flying off the road surface.

The mother-of-one, who was already banned from driving for three-years, was trailed by four police cars as she hurtled through residential streets at 60mph, fish-tailing and swerving through traffic.

She eventually gave herself up and exited the Ford Fiesta with her hands up.

Her car, which had a front seat passenger, first attracted the attention of a Met Police Territorial Support Group carrier as she sped down Romford Road, East Ham.

She ignored them even though they were using blue lights and accelerated away, said prosecutor Susan Hulme, at Inner London Crown Court, adding that “she whizzed through a pedestrian crossing where there were people present.”

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Towards Barking Road she turned off her lights and later pulled in front of another police car which “took up pursuit” and moments later a third police car answering another emergency had to slam on its brakes to avoid hitting her as they met at a junction.

The girl-racer simply continued towards Canning Town, and was seen “fish-tailing” through another red light and nearly hitting a rubbish truck.

The chase went on down Prince Regent Lane and Upper Road, Plaistow, where she screeched over traffic humps, swerved dangerously, changed lanes and had a near-collision with a fourth police carrier, said Ms Hulme

The accused eventually stopped in Prince Regent Lane.

Katrina Charles, defending, said she had been helping out a friend in spite of the three year ban imposed in September 2009 and “panicked” when she saw the TSG van.

Jailing Mathurine for 12 months Judge Philip Shorrock said: “You say you were helping out a friend, but rather than doing what any sensible person would have done and stopping, you decided to try and outrun the police.

“During the next 15 minutes you drove at high speeds through a built-up area.

“You were endangering your own safety, that of the police officers and the public, but also your own passenger.

“The only just sentence is one of immediate imprisonment.”

She received 10 months for dangerous driving and two months consecutive for driving whilst disqualified - both charges she admitted.

Mathurine received a further three-year driving ban.

She blew a kiss to a sobbing female in the public gallery as she was led away.