ASBO teen banned from three east London boroughs and both Westfields

A troublesome teenager has been banned from entering Newham and two neighbouring boroughs for nearly two and a half years unless under strict conditions.

An Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) was granted at North East London Juvenile Court to stop Tianna Paul, 15, of Essex, from entering Newham, Redbridge and Waltham Forest until March 19 2015 following her involvement in a string of robberies, attempted robberies, and thefts in the boroughs.

Paul is also banned from entering the Westfield Stratford City complex, including the town link bridge and stairs, Westfield London in White City, and any pawn shop, jewellers, or other outlets that buy second hand items for cash.

She can only enter these areas if attending a police building, court, or in the company of a previously approved guardian.

The ASBO also prohibits Paul from associating with or remaining in the company of Sharntee Ewen-Nicholson, wearing any green or black bandanna, or acting or inciting others to act in an anti-social manner where others are likely to be harassed, or caused alarm or distress in any public place.

Police urge anyone who witnesses a breach of these conditions to report it to 101.