Truck towing stolen Rolls Royce SUV crashes before dramatic foot chase

The truck carrying the stolen Rolls Royce SUV crashed into a garden fence after the driver jumped out

The truck carrying the stolen Rolls Royce SUV crashed into a garden fence after the driver jumped out - Credit: Met Police

A tow truck carrying a stolen Rolls Royce was crashed into a garden fence before the driver tried to jump into a moving Mercedes to evade police.

The stolen car - a Rolls Royce Cullinan worth around £350,000 - had been taken in a keyless theft from a driveway in Newham before being spotted by police in Dagenham a short time later.

According to the Met, officers driving along Lodge Avenue in the early hours of June 6 saw the luxury SUV with its bonnet up on the back of a yellow truck driving towards them from the A13.

This seemed suspicious so they attempted to stop the vehicle, before it made a sharp right turn into a side road.

The driver reportedly jumped out of the moving truck - leaving it to collide with a fence - and ran away, with officers giving chase.

A grey Mercedes then sped in front of them and pulled alongside the fleeing man to try to allow him get into the car, but he couldn't due to the tailing police.

There were multiple failed attempts to get him into the car as the chase continued into another road, before an officer smashed the rear window with his baton to warn them off.

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The Mercedes sped off and a man aged in his mid 20s was eventually arrested for handling stolen goods.

Police say the owner of the car was later identified and the arrested man has been bailed as the investigation continues.