Apology after key theft puts postboxes out of action

Residents in part of Forest Gate were left without postboxes after the keys were stolen.

A total of 15 red pillar boxes — including those in Godwin Road, Capel Road and Sebert Road — were put out of action after the theft on April 4.

Royal Mail have pledged they will be recommissioned as soon as possible, but some claim they have been left without a vital service.

Ruth Moore, 47, who lives in Godwin Road and has recently undergone a hip operation, said: “It makes me question why I should pay the price of a stamp.

“It’s a long way for some people to go to the nearest Post Office.”

A Royal Mail spokesman said: “A set of collection keys was stolen in the Forest Gate area on April 4.

“This has affected 15 post-boxes which were subsequently sealed. We will be re-opening the boxes in the next few days as we complete the changing of the locks and Royal Mail apologises to any customers who have been inconvenienced.”