‘Aliens told woman to be cruel to boy’

A pensioner who claimed aliens ordered her to stop social workers from investigating child neglect heckled a judge and insisted she was an ‘ET contactee’.

Edelina Shaw, 66, who claims she has been in contact with extra-terrestrials for more than 35 years, prevented social services from investigating allegations the boy had been neglected.

The former psychiatric nurse, together with her wheelchair-bound husband, Edward, 71 and their daughter, Tamia Lal, 30, of Creighton Avenue, Upton Park, allowed the boy to live in a filthy insect-infested, rodent-riddled home.

The trio also failed to wash the boy or clean his teeth, causing him to become afraid of bathing and develop ‘rampant tooth decay’, Snaresbrook Crown Court heard.

Judge Timothy Lamb QC described the video footage of inside the Shaws home as ‘disturbing’

The footage showed piles of boxes lining the walls –reaching the ceiling.

Judge Lamb sentenced Lal to a 12-month community order with 80 hours unpaid work. She will also be supervised for a year.

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Edelina and Edward Shaw were also given 12-month community orders and will be supervised for six months. All were found guilty of creulty.

They are also subject to restraining orders banning them from undertaking sole responsibility for the care of a child under 12, until further notice.

Neither qualified as a responsible co-carer, Judge Lamb said. ‘The defendants’ fault as I see it was exposing the boy to risk,’ he said.

But he added: ‘I do not think there was any malevolence towards the boy on the part of any one of the defendants. They all, in my view, were misguided.’

Shaw interrupted the judge shouting: ‘I’m an ET contactee... the aliens told me to do it

and people need to know this.”

‘This is why my home is the way it is. I have been for the past 36 years and had this experience since 1975.

‘They have given me instructions for the planet and a letter I have to write to Mr (David) Cameron. I have got letters from the MOD.

‘No one wants to know about me. They (aliens) told me to do it.”

‘I expected to get justice in this court but there is no justice for me.’

Judge Lamb later said of the outburst: ‘Mrs Shaw and her beliefs have caused an enormous cost to the taxpayer and people in this area.’

Social services from Waltham Forest council received information expressing concerns about the property on June 13 last year, prosecutor Wayne Cranston-Morris said.

But Edelina Shaw refused to let social workers into the property four times and police eventually had to force entry.

‘They discovered a box of rotting vegetables on top of a fridge and an insect infestation,’ Mr Cranston-Morris said.

‘The passages were dangerously cluttered with bags and equipment and the main front room was absolutely full of rubbish.’

Edelina and Edward Shaw, of Leytonstone, and Lal, of Creighton Avenue, East Ham, all denied a single count of cruelty to a person under 16.

The jury took nearly four hours to find them guilty of the charge.