‘Aliens’ drama in abuse trial

A pensioner refused to let social workers investigate suspicions a boy had been neglected because aliens had told her not to, a court heard.

Edelina Shaw, who claims to have been in contact with extra-terrestrials for more than 35 years, shut the door on staff after receiving telepathic transmissions, jurors were told.

The former psychiatric nurse, 65, along with her husband Edward, 71, and their daughter Tamia Lal, 30, of Creighton Avenue, Upton Park, are accused of ill-treating the child by allowing him to live in filthy conditions.

The trio failed to wash the boy or clean his teeth, causing him to become afraid of bathing and develop “rampant tooth decay”, it is alleged.

The lad was staying at the Shaw’s home in Leytonstone, which was riddled with rodents and insects and “dangerously cluttered” with piles of rubbish and rotting food, jurors heard.

Social services at Waltham Forest Council received information expressing concerns about the property on June 13 last year, said prosecutor Wayne Cranston-Morris.

But Edeline Shaw refused to let social workers into the property on four occasions, claiming that extra-terrestrials had told her not to, and police eventually had to force entry.

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They discovered a box of rotting vegetables on top of a fridge and an insect infestation, while passages were “dangerously” clutted with bags and equipment and the front room full of rubbish, Mr Cranston-Morris said.

He added “The kitchen was cluttered and unhygienic and the bathroom was being used as a makeshift kitchen and had debris.”

Rubbish was also scattered in bedrooms, a foul smell was also present throughout the property and there was an absence of natural light.

The boy’s fingernails had been allowed to grow long and were encrusted with filth, jurors heard.

“His teeth were discoloured and eroded and he was diagnosed with rampant tooth decay,” said Mr Cranston-Morris.

“He also appeared scared of the bath and water.”

During a police interview, Lal claimed the boy was happy living there.

Edeline Shaw, who has been a full time carer for her husband since 2002, told officers she refused to let social services into her home because she wasn’t sure of their identity.

Mr Cranston-Morris said; “She said she had been in contact with extra-terrestrial beings and had been for some 35 years.

“She said they had contact with her telepathically and told her not to allow social services in her house.

“She said she didn’t think the child was in any danger of harm.

The house did have mice but she didn’t kill them because that would create a bad smell, she said.

Edelina and Edward Shaw, from Leytonstone, and Lal, of Creighton Avenue, all deny a single count of cruelty to a person under 16.

The trial continues.