£100 fine warning for Newham car meet racers

The boy was stabbed in Salmon Road

The boy was stabbed in Salmon Road - Credit: Archant

A new law should help police stop road races in their tracks, according to superintendent Ian Larnder.

He believes the £100 on the spot fines made possible due to Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act will act as a detterent,

“We think that if we can hit people in their pockets it will dissuade people from coming back again,” he said.

Groups of mainly young men attracted by the lure of bright lights and fast motors have been flocking to Beckton’s Claps Gate Lane Retail Park in their hundreds.

Supt Larnder blames social media for enabling large groups to gather so quickly.

Officers have been working in partnership with Newham council for months as part of a crackdown

“It is not the problem that it once was,” Supt Larnder said. “We are doing work with the authorities to try and reduce it even more.”

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He noted that police have to consider carefully where they put their resources.

Two cars were seized and nine warnings issued at a recent meet in Beckton.

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