Courageous Plaistow mum conquers 02 in next step of cancer battle

This was the moment when a brave mother from Plaistow conquered her fear of heights as part of her ongoing battle against cancer.

Debbie Vince, who admits she is ‘petrified’ of heights, walked over the 02 Arena in Greenwich to raise �677 for a womb cancer project, smashing her target of �250.

At the start of the year, Debbie booked up to attempt the new ‘Up’ attraction at the venue but it was only a couple of days later that she decided to turn the feat into a charity fundraiser to help others like her.

Debbie said: “I cry when I fly anywhere and three years ago made a complete fool of myself when I abseiled down the inside of the building where I work.

“I cried before I even made it on to the platform to start my descent.

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“It was a decision I made on the spur of the moment to do the walk and, as I said I would do it, I can remember thinking that I should really keep my mouth shut.

“Before I knew it, I was booked to go over the dome a week later.”

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Being diagnosed with womb cancer in January came as a shock to Debbie who was told that the majority of those diagnosed were over 60, overweight, and childless.

But mother-of-two and marathon runner Debbie, 52, joined a Facebook group for support and found many others in her position so she put her charity money towards funding a project to detect womb cancer in women under 40.

Debbie said: “Womb cancer is not a well publicised cancer. There are charities set up for breast and ovarian cancers so we really need one.

“Not a lot of people realise that you can get cancer of the womb although anywhere there is a cell in your body, there is a potential for cancer.”

Despite having gone through a hysterectomy and radiotherapy, Debbie conquered her fear of heights and hopes her example raises awareness of womb cancer.

Asking women to insist on tests if they show symptoms such as heavy or irregular bleeding between periods or after intercourse, Debbie said: “If I can help even just one woman get an early diagnosis, then I will be a happy bunny.”

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