Council rejects Plaistow store’s alcohol licence application

A convenience store in Plaistow has failed for the second time in two months to obtain permission to sell alcohol.

Mayura Convenience Store in Plaistow Road applied for a new premises licence.

This would have allowed it to sell beer, cider and spirits from 10am until 10.45pm.

But Newham Council’s licensing sub-committee rejected the application after a hearing last Thursday after concerns were raised that granting it would increase antisocial behaviour in the surrounding area.

Some residents even started a petition in support of the store’s application.

A previous application, made in June, for permission to sell alcohol from 5am until 11pm seven days a week was thrown out in September.

The shop is in a cumulative impact zone – where the council believes a high number of licensed premises is likely to lead to disorder.

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Owner Satkunasingam Nanthagopal said he would appeal against the decision.

He said: “We are not satisfied because I think they already made up their mind before we had even got in there.

“I don’t even know why they called me in to speak. There was only one objection from the local councillor [Ron Manley].”

The store also promised to put all alcohol behind the counter and out of reach of children, to carry out extra staff training and to put up signs reminding people that CCTV is in operation.

‘Gangs of youths’

If permission were granted, Mr Nanthagopal said no beer, lager or cider stronger than 5.5 per cent was to be sold and spirits would not be sold in bottles less than 375ml to deter any street drinkers.

West Ham councillor MrManley, who objected to the application, said: “We have gangs of up to 50 youths who split up into two and have a fight. Nine out of 10 times it’s alcohol fuelled.”