Council kick out container squatters

SQUATTERS living in shipping containers in the corner of a West Ham park have been evicted and the make-shift homes removed, the Town Hall has confirmed.

The homeless immigrants, believed to be from Latvia, had been paying a former contractor to live in the metal boxes on a derelict building site on the edge of Star Park.

A source told the Recorder that the immigrants thought they had permission to live in the containers, which had been left there by the previous contractor.

The council and the new contractor had tried to get on to the site.

But their efforts were hampered by a steel fence around the perimeter, from which the squatters could access the park, prompting concerns from residents about people being in the green space at night.

A council spokesman said: “The containers have been removed. The public highway is now clear. The site is secure and we will be continuing to work with the landlord and keep a close eye on the site.”