Community Links life-president Kevin Jenkins shares his personal resolutions and those for the borough


- Credit: Kevin Jenkins

Hopefully, your new year resolution(s) are still on track – four days into the new year.

I often wonder how many of us can, hand on heart, say on the last day of the year that we have maintained our new year resolutions throughout the whole year.

Probably not many of us.

My overall resolution this year is to keep my specific resolutions right through to December.

My three specific resolutions for 2017 are:

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(i) To improve my personal health by losing some weight and being more active

(ii) To give an hour each week to help the wider community and/or individuals within it

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(iii) Learn a new personal skill – play the piano.

I will let you know how successful I am in my last column of 2017!

Aside from my resolutions, I also have three wishes that I will do my best to influence throughout 2017:

(i) That Newham’s decision makers establish a legacy trust fund, to ensure that the unprecedented and never to be repeated regeneration investment into Newham makes a difference into the future and not just the short term, even if the immediate gain is slightly less.

(ii) That the mayor and the council do more to ensure that they are working with all other organisations and individuals that can make a positive difference to Newham, thereby making Newham an even better place to live, work and stay.

(iii) That every Newham resident, regardless of their age, race or religion give time each week to ensure that Newham is a welcoming, harmonious, safe and clean place to live.

I wish everyone a peaceful and happy new year. More from Kevin

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