Community Links Kevin Jenkins urges look out for vulnerable in cold weather


- Credit: Archant

As I write the weather forecasters are warning of a pending real cold spell with high winds, low temperatures, ice and snow.

While snow will undoubtedly provide an opportunity for fun and games for many in our community, we do need to remember, identify and look out for those in our community who will potentially be exploring difficulties due to the snow and the associated severe weather rather than fun.

If everyone could take a bit of time to identify in the street their neighbours who could be vulnerable now and ensure that you give them a knock each day during bad weather to check that they are okay and ensure that if they need any help or support.

Through this simple community action that we can all do and will only take a short time out of your day, you will be letting the most vulnerable member of our community know that their immediate neighbourhood care for them.

Additionally you will be identifying any problems at an early stage and helping them to access the help and support they need.

Another simple action that we can all do is to clear the footway alongside our house of any snow once it has fallen.

When I was a child, virtually everyone did this. Making it so much easier for those with moving difficulties to get along.

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Over the years the number of people doing this have fallen considerably.

If we could all identify and support the vulnerable person and clear the pathway outside our home, we will be making potential difficult times much more fun for everyone. More from Kevin