Community Links co-founder Kevin Jenkins reflects at Christmas


- Credit: Archant

As the festive season approaches, it is often only too easy to get involved in all the fun and goodies of the season – while forgetting the core values that underpin this very special time of the year.

For me personally, Christmas is a time for reflecting and giving as well as celebration. It is a time to give, to give to others less fortunate than yourself, to help them enjoy the time of year as much as yourself.

Giving does not always mean money or goods. Often giving your time can be just or more effective and valuable as cash. We all have time that we can give and there are many organisations locally who would welcome having your time.

Giving your time will make a real positive difference for the community organisation or individual helped as well as yourself. Indeed I am sure you will enjoy the festive season even more knowing that you have given time to helping others enjoy the time of the year also.

Having given once, why not make an early new years resolution to give something to your community each week next year. If you do I am sure you will be giving the best present of all – your time.

Finally can I remind you that the Recorder/Community Links Christmas Appeal still needs your help to ensure that every chid referred to us this year enjoys their Christmas Day too – your support will be truly appreciated.

I wish you a wonderful and fulfilled Christmas.

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