Community Links co-founder and senior advisor Kevin Jenkins urges us to have our say on changing Newham


- Credit: Archant

The pace of change in Newham is phenomenal. Hardly a month goes by without an announcement of another major regeneration initiative bringing new employment, homes, infrastructure and opportunities to Newham. Obviously such initiatives are welcome and their combined effect will hopefully be to create a permanent better quality of life for everyone in Newham into the future.

It is important especially given the magnitude of the changes that local people have the opportunity to influence and comment on, all the schemes which will change the face of Newham over the next 10 to 15 years.

To this end, I note that ABP the developers wishing to regenerate the Royal Albert Dock to create 20,000 new jobs, new shops, cafes and public spaces by opening up 1km of previously inaccessible waterfront for the benefit of both existing and new communities are unveiling their initial plans at an exhibition in Compressor House, Dockside Road on Thursday, Friday and Saturday (February 6 - 8). I would urge you to go along and contribute your concerns, thoughts and ideas on the scheme which will certainly be a major force for change for the whole of Newham.

Also more down to earth but just as important in my view, locality in partnership with the Local Government Association, the Community Development Foundation and others have announced a new programme called Our Place. The programme aims to give people more power over local spaces and budgets in their neighbourhoods aligning them with all the other resources that the community can bring. Communities will be supported to develop an operational plan and take control in their area, to make sure that services and developments etc work in the best way for local people. Using the Our Place approach communities will be supported to develop an operational plan and take control to make sure that things work in the best way for local people. Examples could include working with businesses to offer more local apprenticeships, setting up a new service needed locally etc. The Our Place programme offers direct support and the possibility of grant support to achieve the change the community wants. Further details are available at the website

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