Community Links co-founder and life-president Kevin Jenkins is excited about Newham’s new Family Tree


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The Newham Family Tree is a new and exciting intiative which challenges discrimination, prejudice and social divisions.

Link up (UK) is a relatively new charity, led by the inspirational Michelle Lawrence, committed to developing a unique and participative approach to combating prejudice and divisions in our society.

It is hoped that Newham will be the first tree in the forest as other areas follow Newham’s lead and develop their own tree.

Based on the premise that the root cause of discrimination and division is the fear of the unknown, which is further fuelled by negative stories about diversity, which, if left unchallenged can be incredibly harmful to society and particularly to younger generations.

The tree is a symbol of tenacity and transformation during adversity which is the perfect metaphor for our contemporary society.

The tree through featuring real factual stories of Newham’s people and organisations, will show the best in Newham and how our long and proud history of diversity has shaped everything that is good in Newham today and will continue to do so in the future.

Constantly challenging the negative images and inaccurate stories that fuel fear and do so much damage is the key.

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The Newham Tree will only be strong if Newham people contribute their stories and experiences - no story or experience is too short or too long.

I urge all individuals, organisations, businesses, schools, faith groups, clubs and community groups to get involved with this project.

Please send your contribution to

In doing so we can all help ensure the Newham Tree’s roots grow deep in to all our communities. More from Kevin

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