Community councillor in Wales takes on Newham Council over parking fines


- Credit: Archant

A community councillor in Wales who never set foot in Newham kept being pursued for parking fines in Plaistow.

John Peter Evans, 57, who lives in the village of Ffordd Madoc, said he continued to get fined despite a judge siding with him in court.

Mr Evans, a delivery driver, said: “My car was written off after an accident and must have been sold on.

“I hardly know where Newham is but someone there is driving around in my Peugeot getting fined.

“The council doesn’t seem to have any common sense. Whenever I ring up I have to explain everything again and I’m told I have to appeal. It’s been horrendous.”

Mr Evans said he received four parking fines adding up to around £400.

But Mr Evans accepted he should have informed the DVLA his car had been written off.

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A Newham council spokesman said: “We issued these penalty notices after the DVLA confirmed Mr Evans was the vehicle owner. We thank the Recorder for drawing this to our attention and we will not be taking any further action. We are sorry if Mr Evans has suffered any inconvenience.”