Communities urged to go green

Green grants are up for grabs.

As part of the Olympic Legacy programme communities are urged to improve derelict sites in each host borough.

An original �200,000 grant from Defra, and the City Bridge Trust kick-started the Transform programme to develop 20 areas of derelict land in the Olympics host boroughs into green spaces or community gardens.

Now the Transform project is boosted by �500,000 funding thanks to SITA Trust, who distributes Landfill Communities Funds donated by recycling and resource management company, SITA UK.

SITA Trust have distributed over �80m in the last 15 years.

Sustainability Minister Lord Taylor of Goss Moor said Transform’s plan for turning derelict land into community gardens will make a big difference in improving the local environment for the whole community and local wildlife.

He called it “a shining example of the Big Society in action, with government, businesses and local people pulling together to make a real difference to the community.”

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Groups interested in applying should contact Rosie on or (020) 8985 1755 or visit